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10 Best Housewarming Gifts- People Actually Want

While garden gnomes and embroidered napkin sets are nice, these gifts are not always usable for your friends. If you want your money and your friendship to stretch further, there are some gifts that pack a greater punch during a housewarming party. Here are 10 housewarming gifts that people actually want, use, and appreciate.

1. Personalized glassware

Champagne and wine glasses are an inexpensive, yet usable gift. Take it a step further by gifting glasses that are personalized with names, initials, or special dates.

2. Spice kits

During a move, many things are lost or thrown away. One of the first things to go is the spice pantry. Gift your friend with a nice rack of spices to help get their kitchen stock back in order.

3. Skyline painting

If you know your friend’s favorite city, gift them a painting of the skyline of the city. This can act as a window into another world, no matter where their home is located.

4. Custom made bath kits

A friendly gift that is always thoughtful is a gift of a favorite fragrance. Order a custom made bath kit of soap, bath gel, and bath bombs for your friend’s new tub. This will help them relax and unwind after a long move.

5. Home planner system

Home organization is one of the latest and greatest trends. A home desk calendar and portfolio, complete with color-coded markers can be used by singles and large families alike.

6. Meal box

Nothing says welcome home like a home cooked meal. Gift your friend all of the ingredients for a home cooked meal inside of a dinner box. Be sure to include all of the ingredients, seasoning, and the instructions. A box that will create a hearty meal is sure to be well received.

7. Charger toolkit

Electronics is the way that most people run their lives. Put together a tool kit of extra phone chargers, tablet chargers, USB extension cords, and country plug adapters. This gift will save your friend several panicked runs to the store.

8. Terrariums

While large potted plants are not feasible for everyone, a small terrarium can provide a room focal point with just a tiny bit of TLC.

9. Tiny, decorative book stands

While many people are participating in electronic book reading, most people keep a few of their favorite classics around the house. Give them a beautiful home with the help of a tiny, decorative book stand.

10. Electronic key tiles

Losing brand new home keys is a special kind of panicking. Gift your friend the trendy key tiles, that will allow the owner to find lost keys with the press of a button.