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2018 Easter Egg Hunt Locations in Portland Maine

Portland Maine Egg hunt

Portland Maine Egg huntDeering Center Community Church Easter Egg Hunt

The Deering Center Community Church will be hosting an Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, March 31st beginning at 10 A.M. The church is located at 4 Brentwood Street in Portland, Maine.

Refreshments will be provided to those who attend. There is no admission fee and the church is asking that you invite all friends and family that are interested in attending! For more information, check out the Deering Center Community Church Facebook page.

Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine Tiny Tots Egg Hunt

On Friday, March 30th, beginning at 9 A.M., the Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine will be hosting an Easter egg hunt for children up to 4 years old. The cost of attendance is $10 per person for the egg hunt, but for $18 you can participate in the egg hunt and the events that will follow. Children that are under 18 months old are free to attend. You can register by phone, online, or in person.

Plastic eggs filled with candy and other treats will be hidden throughout the museum. Additional entertainment options include adorable baby chicks as well as a craft station where you can make your own egg-inspired craft.

Events that will begin after the initial egg hunt are a celebration of Egg Day and include Eggcellent Artifacts, an exhibit that teaches about the various sizes and shapes of eggs ranging from ostriches to dinosaurs, Art Time: Egg Hunt Baskets, where attendees will create their very own fully recyclable egg basket, and the Frog Life Cycle Movement Game, which will help attendees learn about the frog life cycle.

Children’s Museum & Theatre Before Hours Dinosaur Egg Hunt

In addition to the Tiny Tots Egg Hunt, the Children’s Museum & Theatre will also be hosting a dinosaur-themed Easter egg hunt beginning at 9 A.M. on March 31, 2018. This event is designed for children ages 3 through 10. The cost is the same as the Tiny Tots Egg Hunt – $10 per person if you are only interested in the egg hunt, but $18 for the egg hunt and the following events.

Colorful dinosaur eggs filled with treats are scattered around the museum and they need your help to find them all! This event allows you to create your very own dinosaur fossil rubbing using the same methods as real paleontologists and it offers the chance for you to test your luck by participating in the “Golden Dino Egg Challenge.”

Events following the Dinosaur Egg Hunt are a celebration of Dinosaur day and include Dino Stomp Dance Party, where children can show off their Jurassic era dance moves, Dinosaur Fossil Detectives, where children will try to match dinosaur breeds to their matching fossils and will have the chance to touch a T-Rex jaw bone, and the Fizzing Dinosaur Egg Exploration, where you can watch baby dinosaurs hatch from their eggs thanks to a magical ingredient!

Centerpoint Church Easter Egg Hunt

Centerpoint Church will be hosting their 2nd Annual Easter Egg Hunt on March 31, beginning at 10 A.M. The event will take place at Fort Sumner Park on 64 North Street.

The event is free to attend for families and children of all ages. In addition to having an excessive amount of eggs to hunt, the Centerpoint Church will also offer face painting, games, and a few surprises! Please contact Ben Thornton at if you have any questions regarding this event.