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The Pros and Cons of Homeowner Associations

Aerial Photography of Gray Houses

Aerial Photography of Gray HousesYou may have bought a house in a gated community or a condo downtown. With or without prior knowledge, you learn that a homeowners association manages, to a point, your new home. You could be wondering what that means – It is an organization formed by individual house owners to govern and enforce rules formulated by the homeowners. Here, you become a member once you purchase a home in such an estate. My guess is, you are asking yourself how you may or may not benefit! READ MORE

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The Best Areas to Live in Maine for Retirees

Smiling Man Holding Woman's Left Shoulder

Smiling Man Holding Woman's Left ShoulderAs a retiree, all you need access to in Maine is fresh seafood, excellent public facilities, and a good view when you wake up in the morning. This is perhaps the reason why people are choosing Maine for retirement. With statistics showing that there are more than 6000 people aged 55 and above moving to Maine every year since 2013. The state has become prevalent for senior citizens. It is the perfect place for anyone to spend their golden years. Below are some of the best areas to live in Maine for retirees: READ MORE