Tom Carter


If you were to meet Tom Carter face to face, you would take an instant liking to the
man. He has a down to earth approach to business and life! Behind his engaging
smile, and after making you smile with his offbeat humor, you’d get to know why he
is one of the area’s top brokers. His 20-year real estate career is enhanced with the
knowledge he gained during his 15 years of building and remodeling. Talk about
firsthand knowledge!

Being a lifelong native of southern Maine, he sees & understands growth and trends
which play a large role in the local real estate market.
Tom enjoys what he does. He is not afraid to tell his clients what they need to hear,
rather than what they want to hear. For him, it is just good business. He gets a twinkle
in his eye when his negotiating skills enable his clients to achieve their goals.
After attaining his real estate Brokers License, Tom could have done just about
anything including opening his own agency. Instead, he chose Green Tree Realty for
its independent and energetic approach, enabling him to do what he does best…selling
real estate.

He answers his cell phone nights, weekends, and holidays because he knows that real
estate is not a 9 to 5 job.

In his spare time, with his cell phone strapped to his side, Tom enjoys fishing, travel,
collecting exotic plants, bird watching, gem mining and even a few hands of Let it

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