Vicki Fisk


Vicki is a bonafide Maine girl. She was brought up in the small college town of
Brunswick, raised her children in the rural town of Limerick, and currently lives in the
“big city” of Portland. She has tasted the best of the living situations offered in this
fine state! It is a great place to live and play and work!

When asked what she does for a living, the most common response is, “Oh you must
love seeing houses all day!”. But what folks do not understand is that this business is
about the people, not the houses. The second most common response is, “oh, you’re in
sales.” to which she takes great care in pointing out that this is not a sales position!
She sees it as being a provider of services to folks who entrust her with the biggest
financial decision they face…the sale or purchase of their home!

Are you surprised to hear that when “the public” is asked what trait they value most in
a real estate agent, the #1 answer is “honesty”? To Vicki, honesty AND integrity are
not ideals to achieve, rather they represent the most basic qualities inherent to who she

This is a challenging market. But having started in this business in the mid 1990’s she
has seen the sluggish market that marked that decade as well as the unrealistic sellers’
market a few years ago. Throughout it all, she has held fast to the concept that home
ownership is a worthy achievement.

As a broker, she has achieved the highest licensing standard offered in the state of
Maine. As an elected town official, she brought her real estate experience with her
when she served on the local Planning Board. She engages in educational
opportunities since this industry, like the real estate market itself, is always changing.
She has represented sellers and buyers throughout the southern and central region of
the state for properties as diverse as condos, multiunit, single family homes, vacation
homes, investment properties, raw land, building packages, ocean front, lake front,
and even a former church! She knows what it takes to work with all parties who are a
part of a transaction: the co broking sales agent, lenders, appraisers, inspectors,
insurance agents, loan processors, title attorneys, etc. so that issues are resolved in a
timely fashion with no big surprises for you.

To read that, you might think that she knows a lot. Truth is, she finds out what she
needs to know for her clients, especially since each and every transaction is unique.
I’ve heard her say “I don’t know, but I will look into it for you.” …and she does. You
can count on her to call you back ( please call her on her cell) and since her children
are all grown up, and she no longer adjusts her schedule to their needs, she is available
24/7 for yours!

Buying and selling property can make you crazy. Vicki will be there to help you.
Armed with her experience & tenacity, you will be able to make your decisions
knowing that she represents YOUR interests. Doesn’t that relieve some of the stress?

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