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Being a REALTOR® can be difficult. In today’s declining real estate market, the prices of real estate are going up and sales and prospective buyers are going down. There are just not enough people who are able to qualify for the mortgages offered these days to fill all the real estate available. If you are still intent on being a REALTOR®, then you must realize that it is a people business as well as a numbers game. Being a skilled REALTOR® is all about your network and noticing key elements about the real estate in general in order to convey these elements to prospective buyers. A REALTOR® must be keen on finding what benefits the property has according to a prospective buyer’s lifestyle and personality. A REALTOR® must be able to read people as well as read real estate and determine answers based on these assumptions. At the end of the day, being a REALTOR® is just like being a business person. Any good REALTOR® must work very hard to make a substantial income and this includes long hours and tedious searches for prospective buyers as well as valuable real estate that is on the market. A REALTOR® also must watch the real estate marketplace as a whole, noticing trends and statistics and studying them very carefully. At any moment, the real estate market could go up and then at any moment, it could also go down. A good REALTOR® watches out for these trends and is able to gauge where the market is at any given time. Being a REALTOR® is similar to having your own business in that you must always be looking for the next great opportunity that is around the corner. Don’t ever think that being a REALTOR® is easy, but for many, it is very rewarding. All of our real estate agents here at Green Tree Realty are also REALTORS® and that means that we all adhere to NAR’s code of ethics and standards of practice. So, if you are looking to buy or sell a home, please consider hiring one of our qualified REALTORS® today!