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When is the best time to list your home in Maine?

If you’re thinking about putting your Southern Maine house on the market, you might be wondering if it’s the right time to do so. If you’re not confident that you have made the right choice regarding when to list it, you could end up second guessing your decision when it doesn’t sell right away. Save yourself the stress by getting to know the best time to try to sell your house in Maine. Then hire a listing agent who is experienced at selling beautiful Southern Maine homes like yours.

So when is the best time to put your house up for sale in Maine? The answer is complicated.

Generally, the best time to sell a house is believed to be the spring or summer. Basically, whenever the weather is warm is considered to be a good time. In the Northeast, that’s usually in mid to late April, when the weather is nice, which is great for when buyers have to move all their furniture. So if you want to sell your Maine house, try to have it listed by the spring if possible.

On the other hand, many people assume that winter is the worst time to try to sell a home. It is true that home sales tend to slow down during this time, especially in areas that get a lot of snow. After all, few people want to move when it’s freezing outside and they have to contend with freshly fallen snow on the ground as they drive their moving truck. Then there are the holidays, meaning that many buyers are too busy shopping, decorating, and visiting with family to go to open houses. Plus, the days are shorter in the fall and winter, leaving less time to go see houses in the daylight. So it’s no wonder that home sales are slower in the winter, particularly in Maine.

All that being said, this does not mean you shouldn’t list your home for sale in the winter. Homes do still sell during this season. It’s just that the buyers who purchase a home during this time usually do so because they have to. They can’t wait until the spring or summer to buy their home, and that could work to your advantage. They might be willing to pay more, especially since fewer homes are listed during the winter, resulting in fewer housing choices for buyers. For this reason, you shouldn’t be afraid to list your home for sale just because the winter is approaching.

Just keep in mind that a home that is not listed for sale at all has a much worse chance of selling than a home that is listed at the “wrong” time of the year. So if you are ready to sell your Southern Maine house, list it as soon as you can! Just hire an experienced real estate agent first.

If you have any questions about listing your Southern Maine house for sale or want to hire a listing agent today, please contact me at your convenience.