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Moving to Portland from a Different State

The ideal tips to keep you sane during a move to Portland. 

If life is taking you on a new adventure to Portland, you’re in luck! This beautiful city boasts amazing local businesses, stunning views, and a serious passion for the outdoors. 

As you begin to execute your plan for moving to Portland, there are certainly some things you’ll want to take into consideration. These tips and tricks serve to help make your move as easy as possible, so you can walk into your new home and put your feet up. READ MORE

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The Pros and Cons of Homeowner Associations

Aerial Photography of Gray Houses

Aerial Photography of Gray HousesYou may have bought a house in a gated community or a condo downtown. With or without prior knowledge, you learn that a homeowners association manages, to a point, your new home. You could be wondering what that means – It is an organization formed by individual house owners to govern and enforce rules formulated by the homeowners. Here, you become a member once you purchase a home in such an estate. My guess is, you are asking yourself how you may or may not benefit! READ MORE

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The Best Areas to Live in Maine for Retirees

Smiling Man Holding Woman's Left Shoulder

Smiling Man Holding Woman's Left ShoulderAs a retiree, all you need access to in Maine is fresh seafood, excellent public facilities, and a good view when you wake up in the morning. This is perhaps the reason why people are choosing Maine for retirement. With statistics showing that there are more than 6000 people aged 55 and above moving to Maine every year since 2013. The state has become prevalent for senior citizens. It is the perfect place for anyone to spend their golden years. Below are some of the best areas to live in Maine for retirees: READ MORE

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Top Reasons Millennials Choose to Buy

Owning a home is considered to be the American dream, but can take a while to
accomplish: you have to work on your credit score, get a mortgage, make a down
payment, and move in with all your worldly possessions. So, why are millions of
millennials choosing to take this route? Is it because they feel that the benefits of buying a home outweigh hassles and the headaches associated with the homeownership process? Below is a discussion of the reasons why millennials are choosing to buy homes.

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Patio Sets Under $300 Dollars on Amazon Right Now!

Bring comfort and function to your outdoor space with patio furniture. Whether a comfortable chair or a spacious table, your patio will be transformed into a sensory-rich destination. With a variety of options, patio furniture doesn’t have to break the bank to enhance your outdoor living. Stay within your budget and choose from a multitude of furniture options for your patio, porch, balcony, or other outdoor areas. READ MORE

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2018 Easter Egg Hunt Locations in Portland Maine

Portland Maine Egg hunt

Portland Maine Egg huntDeering Center Community Church Easter Egg Hunt

The Deering Center Community Church will be hosting an Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, March 31st beginning at 10 A.M. The church is located at 4 Brentwood Street in Portland, Maine.

Refreshments will be provided to those who attend. There is no admission fee and the church is asking that you invite all friends and family that are interested in attending! For more information, check out the Deering Center Community Church Facebook page. READ MORE

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Enjoy a Stress-Free Retirement in Portland, Maine

Retired Couple Becoming a homeowner is a significant step in each individual’s life. It takes a great amount of planning, courage, and determination to take on such a great responsibility. Seniors, who are in the stage of life where they have to face retirement plans often come to the conclusion that, what once seemed like their perfect family house for four, five or six members, is now too huge of a mansion for just the retiree couple. READ MORE

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Smart Home Devices: To Buy or Not to Buy?

Devices that let you control your thermostat, lighting, coffee, etc., are released on a continuous basis. If you’re considering smart devices for your home, navigating this ever-expanding market can be overwhelming. Here is a list of popular releases, highest-ranking to least, to help you decide whether or not it’s wise to invest in them. READ MORE