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Fun Portland Maine Events in October 2015

October 2015


Belfast Maskers/Cold Comfort Theater, see website for locations. The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds, Oct. 930-7244

Celebration Barn Theater, 190 Stock Farm Rd., South Paris. Snafu, Oct. 24. 743-8452 READ MORE

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Pining for Maine: A celebrity haven

Maine is wild, beautiful and worlds removed from bustling metropolitan centers like New York City and Los Angeles. So it’s the perfect place for frazzled and sought-after celebrities to get away from everything.

Except other celebrities.

Maine has long been an escapist destination for the rich and powerful. More than 100 years ago, the Rockefellers helped make Bar Harbor the tourist mecca it is today. Giant summer “cottages” up and down the coast were built by captains of industry and power brokers. READ MORE

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What’s the difference between Owner’s Title Insurance and Lender’s Title Insurance?

Getting title insurance for your Maine home is important, but if you’ve talked much with your real estate agent about what’s required, you may have heard both owner’s title insurance and lender’s title insurance mentioned. It’s true that there are two different policies, but many buyers wonder why it’s necessary to have both. The reason is because of the way the policies are structured, how long they last, what they cover, and who they protect. As their names indicate, the owner’s title insurance protects the buyer, and the lender’s title insurance protects the bank or mortgage company. READ MORE

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What’s the difference between a regular title insurance policy vs. enhanced?

A Title insurance policy is very important when buying a home. If you’re looking at all the beautiful Maine real estate and considering making the state your home – or the location of your vacation home – you’ll want to make sure your interests are protected. Additionally, the lender that gives you the mortgage on your home will also want protection, in the form of a title insurance policy. All polices are not created equally, though, and you will need to decide between a regular title insurance policy and an enhanced policy, depending on your specific needs. READ MORE

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What is a home warranty? Do I really need one?

If you are considering buying a home in Maine, you should look into buying a home warranty along with it. The point of a warranty is to ensure that if important parts of your home need repairs, you won’t have to pay full price for them. Before you buy a home warranty, you should get to know how it works and whether you would benefit from it. READ MORE

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What is cap rate and why does it matter?

Capitalization rate, which is usually called the cap rate, is a term that is commonly used in the investment real estate industry. The point of it is to figure out the total worth of any properties that are bringing in income. Essentially, the cap rate tells you how long it will take to break even on this purchase. If you are considering buying any type of investment property in Maine, you should learn a bit about the cap rate and why it should matter to you. READ MORE

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How to save your home from foreclosure

Foreclosure may be the hardest thing to deal with when it comes to a home. When a bank forecloses on a home there are legal and financial consequences that must be dealt with by the homeowner. One of the biggest consequences may be the emotional ramifications of the foreclosure event. For this reason, emphasis should be placed on saving a home from foreclosure. Here are some methods and tips for coming out of a possible foreclosure victoriously. READ MORE

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Signs you might need a new roof

Whether you plan to be in your home in Maine for years to come or want to try selling it soon, you might need to replace the roof before your wish can become a reality. But if you’re like many homeowners, you don’t exactly know how to navigate your roof, let alone figure out if it needs to be replaced. Here are a few signs to look for when determining if you need a replacement. READ MORE

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Trailering 101 – Taking the boat out

As the weather warms up, your thoughts turn to taking the boat out. Whether you’re just going down the street to the boat ramp at the lake, or you’re off on an adventure that’s much further away, you’ll want to make sure you put safety first. That starts with trailering. Here are some things to check before you take the boat out: READ MORE