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Buying Investment Property: What to Look for in a Realtor

When it comes to purchasing investment property, there are many different considerations. Price matters, certainly, but location, condition of the building, and what you plan to use the property for are all a part of the decision-making process. With that in mind, real estate investors shouldn’t try to find and buy properties on their own. It’s much safer to work with a good Realtor who can provide listings and information for all the real estate for sale in the Portland Maine area.

Multifamily listings can sometimes be hard to find, but those types of properties can be excellent choices for investors. They’re worth looking for, and a real estate broker who knows the area and what’s for sale can provide you with some amazing options for investment properties. Many people who are just getting into investing start out with a multifamily property, but they’re also very popular with investors who’ve been in real estate for a long time. Often, investors come in and buy up several multifamily listings in the area if market research shows them it would likely be of financial benefit.

If you’re not sure how to do that type of research or exactly which properties are going to be the best investment for your needs, a Realtor can be an excellent lifeline in the community. That’s especially true if you don’t live in the Portland Maine area or haven’t lived there very long. Of course, you don’t want to just choose any Realtor. You want to find the one that’s going to be right for you and make you comfortable. Real estate transactions can take some time, so you want to work with a person you like and can get along with.

To find the right Realtor and take a good look at all the real estate for sale that fits your criteria in your chosen market, you may want to conduct some interviews. Keep in mind you’re hiring the Realtor to perform a service for you. You don’t have to choose the first one you talk to, or even the one who comes most highly recommended. Instead, you want the one that has the knowledge you’re looking for, and who’s going to work for you and your needs. You need a Realtor who’s going to call you with a listing that just went on the market, because it might be something worth considering.

If you find a Realtor who waits for you to come up with the listings you want to see, you’re going to have a hard time getting good multifamily properties before they’re snapped up by another investor. Being aggressive is common when looking for investment properties, so you need to have a Realtor who’s interested in the same kind of aggressive efforts. That will get you great properties for a great price.

Get in touch today, and let’s get started finding your next great investment property. There are excellent multifamily listings in the Portland Maine area now, and you don’t want to lose out to other investors.