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Community Highlight: South Portland

Spectacular South Portland is a growing city in the state of Maine in the United States of America. As of late, South Portland has been growing exponentially and seen both an influx of businesses as well as many people coming from all over the world, moving and settling there. South Portland is getting more and more popular due to its beauty and old world charm. There are lighthouses surrounding the city as well as sparkling waters where ferries float on a daily basis. South Portland also has great weather. Most of the time, the weather is cool and mildly sunny with light breezes due to the close proximity to water.

South Portland has become, as of late, the center for retail and industry in the area. This is due to South Portland’s location that is close to many different transportation options such as rail, air, marine, in addition to ground. The great thing about South Portland is the wealth of entertaining things to do on any given day of the week. Many residents enjoy fishing, golfing, and visiting wonderful museums, lighthouses and other points of interest. There are amazing beaches to behold, as well as stately architecture that holds a tremendous amount of history. South Portland is also noteworthy for its superb education system. With impressive colleges nearby, such as: Maine college of art, the University of Southern Maine, and the New England Bible College, South Portland boasts everything that any astonishing city includes. There are also picturesque parks as well as shopping malls with everything under the sun to purchase. South Portland is truly the city of the future evoking great things about the past that make it feel like a small-town with a quaint appeal. Although small in area at only 14 square miles, South Portland fits all the luxuries into its small space with a stunning natural setting to boot.