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How to decide between a fixer upper, a pre-built home or new build

Greater Portland has so many great homes to choose from that it can be difficult to narrow your options down to one. In particular, it’s hard to decide whether to buy a brand new house or an existing home. And if you go for the latter, it can be difficult to decide whether to get a fixer upper or stick to a house that’s already in good shape. Before you make this decision, there are a few factors to consider, because each option has pros and cons.

Reasons to Buy a New Build

If you’re in no hurry to move and like the idea of being the first ever resident of your house, a new build in Greater Portland might appeal to you. It can take several months to have a house built from the ground up, but for some buyers it’s worth it. After all, when you buy a new build, you get to choose everything from which flooring goes in which room to what kinds of fixtures you want in your bathrooms.

Another reason to buy a Greater Portland new build is that you won’t have to make repairs any time soon since the house is brand new. Energy efficiency and extended warranties are also benefits of a new house. Of course, this option is not for everyone, since new builds can be more expensive and take longer to be move-in ready than existing homes.

Reasons to Buy a Pre-Built Home

One of the most popular housing options in Greater Portland is the pre-built home. This is one of the most straightforward choices because it’s simply a house that already exists and that presumably does not need any work done on it to be livable. Homes that have already been lived in are preferred by many buyers because they are available sooner than brand new houses that have yet to be built. So if you’re hoping to be in a house within a month or two, this is the best option.

Additionally, all the work is already done for you. Not only do you not have to make any choices when it comes to flooring, countertops, or other options, but you also don’t have to make any major repairs before moving in. Granted, if the house is older, you might have to upgrade or at least repair some fixtures that may wear out in the next few years. Additionally, older homes tend to be less energy efficient than brand new properties, so you might want to make some updates to make up for this.

Reasons to Buy a Fixer Upper

If buying a house is not enough of a thrill for you, consider buying a fixer upper. Some buyers appreciate this extra challenge, especially if they are good at making repairs and replacing appliances. Essentially, a fixer upper is the best of both worlds.

After all, the house already exists so you don’t have to build from the ground up, but you get to choose new flooring, cabinets, and anything else that needs to be replaced, much like you would with a new build. Of course, a fixer upper will take some time and lots of money. But as long as you are prepared to spend both, you could end up creating the house of your dreams.

If you are still not sure which option is best for you, contact me today so I can show you pre-built homes, new builds, and fixer uppers in Greater Portland.