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What is a HOA? What are the benefits?

If you’re looking for a home in Southern Maine, you’ve probably noticed that many houses here are served by a homeowners’ association, or HOA. This is an organization that charges homeowners regular dues in exchange for keeping the neighborhood in great shape. Not surprisingly, there are many benefits to having a house within an area with an HOA. These are just the main ones you might want to consider before you decide to buy in such a neighborhood.

Common Area Maintenance
When you own a home in Southern Maine, you’re already responsible for maintaining your own yard. You don’t want to be maintaining the common areas, too. Fortunately, when your area has an HOA, it will usually pay landscapers to mow the lawn, remove the weeds, and trim the trees at local parks. The HOA will also replace street lights that have burned out, repaint the walls around the neighborhood, and keep local playgrounds clean and safe.

Rules & Regulations
When you work hard to keep your property looking great, it can be frustrating when your neighbors don’t do the same with their own home. If your community has an HOA, this is unlikely to happen as the homeowners who buy in the neighborhood understand the rules and follow them. This usually results in neighbors who take pride in their property, creating an area that is pleasant to look at and live in.

Neighborhood Amenities
Many neighborhoods in Maine have some great amenities for homeowners. They might include pools, hot tubs, basketball courts, tennis courts, walking trails, indoor gyms, parks, and more. HOA dues usually pay for homeowners to use these. Additionally, some HOAs are able to negotiate discounts with local trash collection companies and cable providers, allowing you to pay a little less for some utilities. Check with your HOA to find out if your HOA dues include any of these amenities.

Events for Homeowners
In most cases, neighborhood events are organized and paid for by the HOA. These might include barbecues, movie nights, parades, block parties, park playdates, or holiday gatherings. So if you like the idea of getting to know your neighbors and having fun local events to attend with your family, buying a Southern Maine house in an area with an HOA is a good idea. You can research the neighborhood first to find out what types of events often occur there and how frequently they are hosted if you are in search of a particularly active HOA.
If you are interested in experiencing these HOA benefits for yourself, a Southern Maine real estate agent can help you find a house in an area with an HOA. Contact us today to start your home search.