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Investor Questions –specific neighborhoods in Portland Maine to recommend for potential future value thanks to planned improvements in infrastructure or other?

Portland, located on the Atlantic coast in southern Maine, is home to around 67,000 residents. The city is best known for its thriving economy, its colorful waterfront and port, its eponymous lobsters and its burgeoning food scene.

Portland is neatly divided into more than two dozens distinct neighborhoods, each with its own unique character and personality.

Portland Maine neighborhoods to consider

1. Arts District. Portland’s Arts District is centered along the upper portion of the city’s historic Congress Avenue. This area is home to a number of museums, including the Portland Museum of Art, as well as Maine College of Art. Housing here consists primarily of condos in historic or sleek, modern buildings.

2. East Deering.
The most eastern neighborhood in Portland, East Deering offers a variety of single family homes, most of them cottage-style and some with dramatic views of the ocean. Paysons Park and scenic Martin’s Point peninsula are located in this neighborhood.

3. Munjoy Hill. Munjoy Hill, the highest point in Portland, is located just east of downtown and offers sweeping views of downtown and Casco Bay beyond. Most of the housing here consists of single family homes, doubles and a few condos. Historically, an Irish and Italian neighborhood, the area still retains remants of its ethnic past. Eastern Promenade Park, designed by Frederick Olmsted, and the Portland Observatory are located in the Munjoy Hill neighborhood.

4. Peaks Island. Located about three miles off-shore from downtown Portland, Peaks Island is a former 19th century vacation resort turned upscale residential community. Home to around 900 residents, Peaks Island offers condos, cottage and larger waterfront estates as well as seafood restaurants, art galleries and the Fifth Maine Regiment Museum.

5. Riverton. Located in northwest Portland, Riverton is home to the Westbrook College Historic District and some of the oldest homes in Portland. This neighborhood offers a diverse mixture of housing options, from condos to doubles to single family homes. Riverton is also home to the University of New England’s Portland campus.

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