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Lakefront Living – When is Lakefront not Really Lakefront?

If you’re looking for a great place in the Sebago Lake area of Maine, you may be dreaming of lakefront living and all the beauty of being close to the water. Don’t be fooled, though. Sometimes a listing for lakefront property isn’t what it seems. That’s why you need a good Realtor to guide you through the home buying process. Using a real estate agent can help you get a direct lakefront home that’s really what you want and need. Too many people advertise their homes as lakefront when they really should be categorized differently. Lakeview or lake adjacent aren’t the same thing, and it’s important to be sure what you’re getting.

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A direct lakefront home is right on the lake. You can see it, and you can walk down to it. The property you’re buying borders the lake, and there may be a swimming beach, a shoreline, or a dock that also belongs to you. Some places don’t offer private beaches or private access to the water, but they do have homes and land that include direct access to the lake itself. If you’re not getting a home that sits on lakefront land, where you can actually walk down to the lake and access the water, you’re not really getting a lakefront home.

Sebago Lake is beautiful, and there are many homes near it. Some of these are true lakefront properties, but many more simply advertise a view of the lake, or that the lake is close by for easy access. Both of those types of homes can be excellent choices. There is certainly nothing wrong with purchasing a home with a great view of the lake, or one in a community where the lake is close by and you can get to it quickly.

However, it’s important that those kinds of homes are not advertised as lakefront. That can be misleading, and disappointing to buyers who are looking for a home that truly has lakefront property. When a home is marketed in a particular way, the information provided about it should be as accurate as possible. That keeps buyers happy, and gives the seller a better chance of getting the property sold in a timely manner and for the right price. A good Realtor can help you make sure you’re only viewing properties that meet your needs and provide you with what really matters to you in a home.

Be sure to tell your Realtor you’re looking for a direct lakefront home in the Sebago Lake area, and be clear that you expect actual access to the lake from your property. That way you’ll be much more likely to get the right place, and you won’t fall in love with a home and then find out you can’t get to the lake from the property that goes with it. That can be very frustrating, but direct communication with your real estate agent can help to make your lakefront home buying experience the best it can possibly be.