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Living Large in a Small Space

If your Southern Maine home is not as large as you’d like it to be, there are a few fixes for that. And the best part is that you can make several changes yourself, even while on a budget. So if you’re looking for a few ways to make your house or apartment in or around Portland, Maine feel bigger, these tips can help.

Lighten Up Your Walls
One of the most straightforward ways to make any room look larger is to keep the walls light. You can paint them white, beige, or the lightest version of your favorite color. Wallpaper in a light shade is another option for your Southern Maine home.

Darken Your Floors
When you have lighter walls, darker floors contrast really well. Not only do they look nice, but they also make the walls seem taller. If possible, go for dark hardwood floors for best results.

Take Full Advantage of Your Windows
The more natural light your house or apartment has, the larger it looks. So be sure your windows are always clean and shiny so they can let in plenty of sunlight. And consider putting up curtain rods that are slightly longer than your windows. This way, the whole window is visible when you open the curtains, making the room look bigger while letting in more light.

Make Décor and Furniture Do Double Duty
When you have a small house, you should choose practical décor that can do more than just look nice. For instance, a few pretty shelves are great for not only filling your need for wall décor, but also storing items. The same goes for your furnishings. An ottoman in front of your couch is the perfect place for people to rest their feet, and it’s also great for storing blankets and pillows, as long as you get the kind that opens up. And if you don’t have a dedicated guest bedroom, a foldout couch or a Murphy bed that folds up against the wall should work well for company.

Opt for Glass Surfaces
Whenever possible, choose glass instead of wood for table tops if you want to make your house or apartment rental look larger. This is because the ability to see through glass really opens up the space. And if you already have lots of see-through furnishings in your Southern Maine home, it’s time to add a few mirrors, since the fact that they reflect the walls in the room makes the area look larger. Pick a few full-length mirrors with appealing borders or intricate carvings so they can double as attractive wall décor.
Of course, one of the most popular solutions for not having enough space is to find a larger house or apartment! And we will be happy to help you find a home in Southern Maine that suits your family’s needs, whether it’s overlooking a lake or on acreage in Portland, Maine. Contact Schneider Property Management today to get started on your search for a new home.