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New To The Portland, Maine Area And Looking To Play Tourist?

On the waterfront, Portland Maine

On the waterfront, Portland MaineExploring your new home of Portland, Maine will give you the chance to witness the beautiful details of the city around you, meet locals, and learn about the history and heritage of Portland. Portland, Maine is a great city with so many places to visit. Consider adding the following to your weekend itinerary.

The Eastern Promenade

The Eastern Promenade is a 68-acre beachfront park situated on a stretch of land separating Back Cove from the Fore River. The park offers beaches, trails, and plenty of grassy areas to unwind. To make the most of your visit, take a walk along the two-mile-long Eastern Promenade trail, start at the base of the hill where the old train tracks are found. It is cherished by locals because the Eastern Promenade Trail takes you away from the excitement of the city’s center.

Brewery Tours

Portland, Maine is referred to as one of America’s best beer cities because of its large crop of local brewers as well as its role in the microbrew movement. With 17 microbreweries, Portland has plenty beer for both residents and visiting beer enthusiasts. You can brewery hop through the city’s most popular breweries, enjoy beer tasting as you learn more about the microbrew revolution.

Old Port

Old Port offers an excellent introduction to Portland’s history. The locals like here because of the plenty options for dining, shopping and entertainment. Though shopping and dining are spread out through Old Port, Congress Street is a great starting point it is dotted with boutiques, restaurants, theatres and local art galleries. Stroll through the Old Port neighborhood which houses plenty of prominent attractions, including the Children’s Museum and Theatre of Maine, Portland Museum of Art, Portland Stage Company and the Museum of African Culture.

Beach Towns

Take a short drive south of Portland to reach the beach towns. Old Orchard Beach has plenty activities, children even roller coasters. For more beautiful scenes, keep driving to Kennebunkport for a quieter beach with endless strolling opportunities.

Peaks Island

This is the largest island off the Portland harbor, and ferries head here every hour. The ferry ride is short but scenic, so head up and enjoy. On the island, you can find everything you need for a lovely picnic, delicious ice cream, and a conveniently stationed bike rental. You can bike around the entire island, relax at the many beach areas, and enjoy birdlife while you view the sea.