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What Sellers Should Know About Green Upgrades

If you are environmentally conscious, you may be interested in outfitting your home with green upgrades. Green upgrades can help your home run more efficiently and they can decrease some of the regular bills that come to your home. Performing improvements for efficiency will help decrease your utilities in a climate like Maine. Here are four things that you should be aware of before outfitting your home with green upgrades.

You may need extra insurance
If you make any upgrades to your home, it is always necessary to check with your insurer to determine if the upgrade will be covered. For many homes, a major upgrade such as solar panels on the roof will not be covered through the traditional insurance that you already have on the home. If you speak with your insurance company and this is the case, you will need to seek specific insurance to cover your green upgrades. Be sure to give this information to your buyers so that they have the proper information before closing.

Some upgrades will pay off and some won’t
Some homeowners are under the impression that green upgrades will always pay off. It is important to check the market in your area to determine if green upgrades are something that will interest buyers and if it will increase the worth of your home. Speak with a real estate agent who works in your area to provide you with information on how the upgrades will affect you home on the market.

Go for insulation first
If you are looking for an environmentally friendly upgrade that will produce the best results, go for good insulation. Installing new insulation in your home in areas that normally lose heat or cool air will make your house more comfortable. Better insulation also means that you may be able to run fans or space heaters whether than increasing the temperature of your heating and cooling system. This will make your home more attractive for buyers who are interested in making a good monetary deal.

Go green and sustainable
If the reason why you are installing green features to the home is to make the house more appealing, it is a good idea to make sure that the feature is sustainable for families. For instance, if you are selecting green floors, a cork floor will be able to hold up to damage from pets and it will be softer for children. Some wood floors, while green, may show stains and scratches more easily and need to be replaced by the family. Before adding a green upgrade, come up with a profile of your potential buyers. Make a list of their wants and needs along with your real estate agent, then make sure that all upgrades fit the bill for what they will want in a home.