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Selling Your Maine Home, What Stays and What Goes

The only negative about moving in the great state of Maine is the cringe-worthy packing process. If you are transitioning from one Maine home to another, it is best to bring along only the things that you are sure you need to start your life in your new space. If you need more definitive advice for selecting the things that you toss and the things that you pack on the truck, read below for some tips.

Take: All of the exterior maintenance products

Maine is one of the most gorgeous states in the Union. The maple trees that turn majestic colors in the fall, the whimsical snowfalls in the winter, and beautiful blue moonlight summer nights are some of the best sights in the world. The downside to all of this natural beauty is that it must be taken care of. When you are packing up your home, be sure to bring along all of your exterior maintenance equipment, including rakes, snow blowers, and grass trimmers. These will be necessary no matter the location of your new home in Maine.

Trash: Broken and dented furniture

That chair that you never got around to fixing the leg on and that old mattress that you never got around to replacing should be tossed when moving homes. Leaving behind the unfinished projects and the items that you need to replace gives you the chance to start over fresh in your new home. It is best to pack what you need only, then replenish your supplies, than pay to pack things that you ultimately need to trash.

Take: Home monitoring systems

One item that is often forgotten during the listing process and the moving process is the home alarm and monitoring system. If you have purchased security cameras and an alarm subscription, it is a good idea to take these along to secure your new home. Be sure that you real estate agent is clear with your buyers about the fact that you will be taking the system along with you when you are listing the house. Likewise, be careful to select a new home that can be properly wired with the cameras and alarm security that you will bring.

Trash: Items you don’t notice

During the process of moving, go through your home with a box and pack up any of the things that you have not used in a year or more. Aside from seasonal items, if you don’t use products for over a year, chances are, you wont use them again. Sit the boxes inside of your storage space or inside of your home closets. If you find that you never use any of the items in the box, toss the entire box. This method of packing is a simple way to get rid of odds and ends that are more a part of the home background than useful to you and your family.

After your real estate agent has secured the Maine home of your dreams, do your duty to only bring the things that you love inside of your new space. A Maine home should be much like the state of Maine, functional and lovely.