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Signs you might need a new roof

Whether you plan to be in your home in Maine for years to come or want to try selling it soon, you might need to replace the roof before your wish can become a reality. But if you’re like many homeowners, you don’t exactly know how to navigate your roof, let alone figure out if it needs to be replaced. Here are a few signs to look for when determining if you need a replacement.

The Roof Is Old
If your roof is about 20 years old – or even older – it will probably need to be replaced soon. Most roofs last around 20 to 25 years. If it’s an older asphalt roof that is missing several shingles, this is another sign that it will need to be replaced soon. Of course, if the roof is only a few years old, it might make more sense to just replace the missing shingles for now, unless you notice additional problems.

Curling Shingles and Missing Granules
Even if all your shingles are accounted for, you might still need a new roof if many of them happen to be curling up or buckling. If the granules seem to be missing from the shingles on your roof, this is another sign that you should prepare to get it replaced.

New Plant Life
Unless you have a rooftop garden, you should not be seeing greenery on the surface of your roof. If you see moss growing, this could be a problem, because the moss traps moisture on top of your roof. When the weather in Maine is cold enough to freeze, the moss on your roof can damage the granules on the surface. Even if you get rid of the moss, it can grow back easily. A similar issue to look for is dark streaks that indicate the presence of algae, which can also be hard to get rid of.

Damaged Flashing
As you examine your roof, check out the flashing that surrounds any vents or skylights on your roof. Do the same near your chimney if you have one. If there are any cracks in the flashing or other signs of damage, it might be time to replace your roof.

You Notice Damage from Inside the Home
One of the easiest ways to look for roof damage is to head to your attic and look up. If you can see sunlight coming in through the roof, there’s a problem. The same goes if you see any dark spots on the ceiling, since this could indicate water damage as a result of a faulty roof. Of course, if the ceiling looks to be sagging at all, you should replace your roof as soon as possible.

If you are not comfortable getting up on a ladder to inspect your roof, leave it to the professionals. A simple inspection should be cheap and may even be free if you end up needing a new roof. Whether you inspect it yourself or hire someone to do it, knowing the shape your roof is in can give you some peace of mind.