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Staging a lake house – How to prepare a lakefront home for sale

If you’re planning on selling your beautiful home on Sebago Lake, you’ll want to engage the services of a good Realtor. Of course, you still want to do your part to make sure you can sell quickly and for a good price. One of the best ways you can do that is through properly staging your home. If it’s a lakefront house, there are two important parts to staging. You want the home to be warm and welcoming all on its own, but you also want to take advantage of the beautiful views and easy water access you have with a home that’s right on the lake.

In other words, your home should showcase the fact that it’s lakefront, but it should also stand on its own when it comes to the features and amenities it can provide. It’s more than just a home, since it’s lakefront, but you don’t want the fact that it’s lakefront to be its entire identity, either. Anyone looking for a home in the Maine lakes region is likely looking for a house that’s either on the lake or at least has a view of the lake, so your house needs to stand out from all the other homes that are also lakefront dwellings.

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You can stage your home to make a sale more likely by thinking like a buyer, not a seller. It’s important to work with your Realtor to get information on what buyers in the area are looking for, so you can try to provide as much of that as possible in your home. That often includes homes that are free of clutter, so the rooms look big and inviting. Cleaning very thoroughly is important, too, especially if you have pets, small children, or both. Additionally, you’ll want to consider painting the inside of your Sebago Lake home with neutral colors, so buyers can imagine themselves living there.

The more your home looks to be clean, well-kept, and move-in ready, the higher the chances of getting a good offer and the fewer days your home should stay on the market. The Maine lakes region is home to a number of beautiful houses, and if any of them are for sale in the same price range as yours, you’ll have some competition to consider. The nicer your home is and the more it looks like the buyers could just move in and see themselves living there without the need to make major upgrades or changes, the better your chances of a sale.

Since you have a lakefront home, you’ll want to take time to accentuate that as one of the best features of the home. You can do that with a pathway to the lake, some landscaping, and a deck or other outdoor area where the view of the lake can be easily enjoyed from your home. Outdoor spaces are important for homes that are right on the water, so make sure you repair any outside areas that are looking worn. It can take some work but it will pay off in the end, when you’ve sold your home for a great price.