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Staging Your Maine Home

In regards to staging a home, there are many things that must be taken into consideration. The first order of importance in staging a home correctly is to choose the perfect layout that conveys an open and inviting feeling when people first step foot into the home. The staging should be begin at the entrance and continue within every detail of the home. The way to stage a home correctly is to choose furniture and decorative pieces that create the feeling of ease and comfort. Make sure to stage a home in the most calming way possible, while still maintaining a sense of modernity and class all throughout the home.

The staging of a home is very important to the individuals who will be potentially interested in purchasing the home, because subconsciously or even consciously, they are all thinking, is this home for me and could it work for me and my family? And, this is why staging a home and the furniture within needs to be broad enough to appeal to the majority of people, while still keeping a sense of individuality and uniqueness to stand apart from the rest of the homes on the block. Staging a home should be done with care and consideration and should always include the power of color. Make sure that when you stage a home, the colors are neutral as not to offend anyone’s taste or make too much of a statement. But, if you want to incorporate color within the home, then use color on smaller key pieces throughout, such as on a lamp or in a bold piece of art. This will also get potential buyers talking, which could be beneficial to a sale. Staging a home depends on the key points within the home and make sure to highlight every beautiful aspect of the home with an interesting piece of furniture or other decorative piece.