The Kings Client

There are three words which quickly come to mind when I recall our experience with Green Tree’s Realtor Ed Mosher: Integrity, Humility, Support. From the first time we met him, he communicated all of these attributes in ways that allowed us to trust him, be open and relaxed with him, and also feel that we would not be alone in our adventure/risk to invest in a new home. He was sensitive to our specific needs and tastes, without being domineering or judgmental in any way. We knew that he cared. This is a very rare virtue in these days and times. Even though we lived over 2,500 miles from the property we would eventually buy, we knew Mr. Mosher would not only watch over our investment, but also do everything he could to ensure that our investment was safe, stable and secure. Ed would ‘check in’ with us every week and give us an update on the property, what was the oil level, were things being done we specifically asked for, was the snow or ice being removed on a timely basis. All in all, Ed worked for us, we felt, as hard as he had worked to find the property we desired. Because of Ed, we have come upon the perfect home for us. It is all about putting the customer’s needs before your own. -What goes around comes around. Ed exemplifies by his willingness, attitude, and actions the best of the best we have ever experienced in a Realtor