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The Best Areas to Live in Maine for Retirees

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Smiling Man Holding Woman's Left ShoulderAs a retiree, all you need access to in Maine is fresh seafood, excellent public facilities, and a good view when you wake up in the morning. This is perhaps the reason why people are choosing Maine for retirement. With statistics showing that there are more than 6000 people aged 55 and above moving to Maine every year since 2013. The state has become prevalent for senior citizens. It is the perfect place for anyone to spend their golden years. Below are some of the best areas to live in Maine for retirees:


This is a small town in Cumberland. It has a population of about 8,349 people, which is perfect for people who are looking for places that are not crowded. There are excellent public facilities, and the nearest airport is only 12 miles away. There are also several parks and open green spaces where you can get plenty of sun, exercise, relax, and unwind. Seafood lovers are not forgotten. There are numerous places to eat good shellfish, especially in July at the Yarmouth Clam Festival.


Kennebunk is a town in York County, Maine. Kennebunk is home to several beaches, the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge, the 1799 Kennebunk Inn, many historic shipbuilders’ homes, the Brick Store Museum and the Nature Conservancy Blueberry Barrens, with 1,500 acres of nature trails and blueberry fields to bring the grandkids to!


Waterville is located along the Kennebec River. It has 3.65 medical centers for 1000 residents. There are several colleges here, so you will experience first-hand the pulse of living in a college town. It is home to one of the best art museums, and there are numerous local sports like water rafting to be enjoyed.

Retirement should be fun. After years of hustle and hard work, you need to move to an area where you will be pampered. You also need to find areas with activities that you will love. Places with excellent facilities, fun to visit, and that are not too crowded are ideal for retirement. Maine has gained popularity in the past decade due to its endowment, which makes it a haven for retirees.