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Top Things You Can Do Before Listing Your Southern Maine Home for Sale

Here’s a checklist of things that you should do before you ever list your home on the  market:

Beautify your home. The cleaner, prettier, and larger your home looks, the higher the offer price will be. So give your home a makeover by doing such things as trimming your front hedges, cleaning out the gutters, mowing the lawn, and giving the exterior/interior a fresh coat of paint.

Don’t forget to declutterize the inside! You want your home in top condition for showings. By cleaning out your closets, basements, attics and more, you’re not only making your home look cleaner, but more spacious as well!

Hire someone to inspect your home. Any potential home buyer you find is already going to want to do this before they close on your home. And if they find an issue, it could kill your deal. So remove the element of surprise by finding any problems with your home and fixing it before the buyer even knows about it.

Develop a strategic marketing plan. Your goal is to reach all home buyers in the immediate area who are looking for a home similar to yours in the same price range. You also want to play up your home’s best assets while downplaying its worst. An experienced Southern Maine REALTOR, such as the agents at Green Tree Realty can help you effectively strike that balance.

Find and work with a real estate agent you trust. Does this individual have extensive experience selling homes like yours? Do you get the feeling that this individual is being genuine or just telling you what you want to hear? Talk with one of our agents at Green Tree Realty in depth before you decide to work with that person.

Determine a price on your home. Setting the right price is crucial to your success as a home seller on the local housing market. An experienced Southern Maine real estate agent can help you determine what that number should be.

Be aware of any major shifts on the local housing market and make changes to your strategy accordingly. While it’s a buyer’s market right now, it’s definitely beginning to shift toward a more balanced market. This may have an impact on what’s the most effective way to market your home. So keep an eye out for major shifts on the market.