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Types of Mortgages

In regards to home ownership, there are two main different mortgages that are available. The first type is the fixed mortgage and the second type is the adjustable rate mortgage. A fixed mortgage is defined as a mortgage rate that stays the same for the duration of the mortgage length. That means, if you have a fixed mortgage, your monthly payments will not go up or down, they will stay static at one rate. A fixed mortgage is usually preferable to an adjustable rate loan because there is no chance of the rate going any higher, but there are some benefits to an adjustable mortgage rate as well. An adjustable rate mortgage, or ARM for short means that interest rates will change over time. The good thing about an adjustable rate mortgage is that the rate could go down, but it could conversely also go up. The deciding factor on if the rate in an adjustable mortgage goes up or down is dependent on the market at that time, so there is really no predicting or knowing if the market will stay steady, go higher or go lower, some might say they know, but the reality is that it is usually a luck of the draw. Overall, it has been shown that adjustable rate mortgages usually end up raising causing the home owner to pay more than they would have with a fixed mortgage rate. Another types of adjustable rate mortgage is the hybrid adjustable rate mortgage. This hybrid mortgage type is different than the usual adjustable rate mortgage because the home owner pays a fixed amount for a certain number of years and then starts to pay an adjustable amount for the remaining amount of years left on their mortgage. A hybrid adjustable rate mortgage is gaining popularity with many different individuals because unlike a fixed mortgage rate, a hybrid adjustable rate mortgage starts off at a lower rate saving people money in the beginning stages of their mortgage period.