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What Not to Do When Selling a Home

When selling a home, it is vital that certain steps are completed, while it is advisable that other steps are not. In terms of selling your home, there are many things that can actually hinder your home sale itself and that will significantly hurt you and your bank account in the long term. The first thing that you must never do when selling a home is to have your pets around when prospective buyers are walking through your home. While your pets may be cute, not every prospective buyer will think so, and furthermore, if you have your pet around during the walk-thru process, the prospective buyer might not be able to think clearly about the sale and get frustrated or off track. Overall, it is best to keep pets out of sight when prospective buyers are looking in your home. The next thing that is absolutely detrimental to a home sale is stale smells, or otherwise, nasty odors throughout your home. Not only is it important that your home appears spotless when you are trying to sell it, but it is also important that it smells fresh and clean as well. Make sure there are no cigarette smoke odors, pet odors, or even worse, mildew odors lurking in your home while prospective buyers are there or it could negatively influence the sale. The next thing never to do when trying to sell your home is for the seller to follow prospective buyers around while they look through your home. While you may be in the vicinity, it is in bad taste if you follow every prospective buyer around like a hawk and become their shadow. In order to make a great sale, sellers must learn to let go a little bit and give prospective buyers some room to breathe, as well as some time to realize that they do in fact want to buy your home!